Lets Drink! Caipirinha

October 18, 2013

With the Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic coming up this weekend, I thought it was about time to share a drink recipe that was featured at the Classic last year: the Caipirinha.

Caipirinha Cocktail

Caipirinha Cocktail

Known as the national drink of Brazil, this is a simple, refreshing cocktail – so let’s make one!

Caipirinha Cocktail



2 oz  Cachaca (Brazilian Rum)

1 oz Simple Syrup (or 1.5 Tbl sugar)

1/2 fresh Lime, cut into quarters (plus a slice for garnish)


Fill a rocks glass with ice to chill it.


Put the lime pieces and the simple syrup (or sugar) into your shaker and muddle to release the limes’ juicy goodness.

Yes, I'm muddling with one of those meat-pounder things...

Yes, I’m muddling with one of those meat-pounder things…

Add the cachaca and the ice from the glass and shake well.


Pour the contents (including the ice) into your chilled serving glass, garnish with a lime slice…


and then Let’s Drink!

I really enjoy this beverage, it’s especially great on a hot summer day in Florida (okay, I know it’s getting chilly in a lot of the world right now, but it’s still good in chilly weather)! Give it a try and let everyone know what you think in the comments!

And speaking of the Food & Wine Classic (which I was at the beginning of this post…), if any of you are going to be there, keep an eye for for Miss Bonnie and I!

If you’d like a look at last year’s event, check out Food & Wine Classic 2012: Food Photo Gallery, or click on the Food & Wine Classic category to the right to see all posts about the Classic.

Enjoy the drink, and maybe we’ll see you this weekend at the Classic!

4 Responses to “Lets Drink! Caipirinha”

  1. Lisa Farry - Jennings Says:

    i love these and have a bottle of cachaca but i cannot make these to save my life


  2. Keith Says:

    The more traditional method is to use 2.5 teaspoons of sugar instead of the simple syrup. Also, try adding 1 1/4 oz of Velvet Falernum to give it a nice subtle spice note.


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