Margarita of the Month: February Licor 43 Edition

February 19, 2014

Margarita of the Month: February Licor 43 Edition

With one of the great National Holidays fast approaching (you do know that National Margarita Day is this Saturday, February 22nd don’t you???), many tequila suppliers are obviously trying to promote their brands, but not just tequila manufacturers are trying to get on the ‘rita bandwagon…



I got an email from the good folks at Licor 43 along with some recipes using same to celebrate the upcoming Great Day, and when they offered samples for me to try (and share the results with you of course) I gladly accepted (you expected me to turn down alcohol?).

Licor 43

Licor 43

In a few days the samples arrived and Miss Bonnie and I dug in to try it out…

Licor 43 is described as “a Spanish liqueur with citrus and vanilla notes”, and for margarita applications they suggest it can be used in place of the usual orange liqueur (Triple Sec, etc.). We started with a sniff and sip of the stuff straight up and found it to be quite pleasant – the vanilla (at least to my palate) dominates the citrus, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

Next we tried (a slightly altered version) of one of their cocktail recipes for National Margarita Day, the “Forty-Thrita”, and here it is:


2 oz  Licor 43

2 oz  Silver Tequila

6 oz  Sour Mix

Lime and/or Orange for garnish if desired

Salt for rim of the glass

Prepare your drinking vessel of choice by moistening the rim with a slice of citrus and dipping in some coarse salt. Throw in a few ice cubes if you want.

Put the Licor 43, tequila and sour mix into a shaker with a bunch of ice and shake away…


Pour into your waiting glass, on the rocks or straight up if you prefer…



garnish as desired and as they say… over the lips and thru the gums…

Mmmm… quite a tasty concoction it was! It definitely has a vanilla flavoring to it that makes it quite unique in the margaritaish drink world. This makes a couple of not-huge drinks.

The original recipe calls for the liquids to be blended with ice and served as a slushy/frozen concoction, and with the flavor of this drink I think this would be really good if you wanted to go the frozen route.

This stuff is certainly worth a try, I think you can find other applications than the one here for sure – we even simply drizzled a little of the Licor 43 over some vanilla ice cream for dessert one night (and no, it didn’t suck)…

Thanks to Licor 43 (and in effort of Full Disclosure, I was given the samples free of charge, but all opinions/comments are strictly mine and objective) for providing the samples and recipes… maybe we’ll see more of this product in future posts…

Okay kids, back to the bar!

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