First it was guacamole… now it’s margaritas?

April 10, 2014

First came the pleasant news that due to criminal gangs in a certain section of Mexico, the avocados in your guac probably have been tainted with the blood of the people of the state of Michoacán. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, author José de Córdoba quotes Raul Benitez, a security expert at UNAM, the National Autonomous University of Mexico In Mexico City: “They are ‘blood avocados’ “, Benitez says. “They are the Mexican equivalent of the conflict diamonds that are sold from war-torn parts of Africa.”

Extortion by the “Mexican Mafia” is taking a percentage of the profits from the locals, as well as driving up prices in the US, where 80% of the avocados consumed originate from Mexico. For the gory details you can listen to an interview on the radio show Good Food.

On top of this now comes news that may effect your margarita consumption…


limes prices are now soaring… partly due to severe rains and citrus disease, but also, yes you guessed it Dear Dedicated Readers, criminal activity.

You can read the sad story in a New York Times article by David Karp, or listen to him in another interview on Good Food.

All of this is bad news for the end consumer, but even worse news for the farmers and other workers in Mexico who are being strong-armed by the criminal cartels.

I don’t know what we can really do on our end to help the situation… trying to boycott the products would take even more money out of the pockets of the innocents involved… so for now I’ll simply try to keep the good, hard-working people of Mexico in my thoughts every time I raise a glass…




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