Something’s cooking at Animal Kingdom…

April 30, 2014


Dedicated Readers will no doubt recall how much we loved a couple of special events held in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park the past several years…


the Taste of Africa Street Party in 2010…DSCF9053

and in 2012 the Sundowner Celebration.


Both featured food demos…


musical acts…


special food items…


and more beverages than you can shake a swizzle stick at!

Wine Walk at Taste of Africa Street Party

Wine Walk at Taste of Africa Street Party

So why bring this up now you say?


Well, today Disney sent out an email to annual passholders with this semi-cryptic message:


When the sun goes down, the story comes alive.

Annual Passholders, mark your calendar for Saturday nights this summer where you can enjoy an all-new, never-before-seen, immersive experience.

Look for more details soon, because the grandest tales and tastes of Africa are going to come alive like never before.

There was also a link to a video which hints that we will see the Rivers of Light show this summer for sure.

The event(s) look to be dubbed “Harambe Nights”, and rumors around the interwebs say that DAK cast members (and I assume the rest of us civilians shortly thereafter) will get the lowdown in early May.

As Animal Kingdom shifts into being a later night destination with the new light show and upcoming Avatar Land, I had been hoping we’d see a revival of something like these events (which I’d been told by more than one cast member were specifically trial runs for the opening of Avatar and guests staying past the usual early closing times for the park). The precise use of the phrase “tastes of Africa” also gives a clue to this (hopefully) being some more than just the addition of the Rivers of Light show, but also a special food/beverage affair as well.

From the email it looks like annual passholders may be the guinea pigs and given an early look at the show and any extra foods/drinks/entertainment/etc. This would be especially welcome news for AP holders as special events, previews and the like have been few and far between in recent years (read that to mean “non-existent”.

If you want to take a look back at the prior events, you can check out the posts “Taste of Africa Street Part: A preview of things to come?“, “Taste of Africa Two???” and “Sundowner Celebration: A first look“.

This has certainly got us excited around here at Eating (and Drinking) Around the World, and we’re waiting to make our reservations for the first Saturday night! What are your thoughts?


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