Bye Bye Bog…

August 25, 2014

As we approach the opening day of the 2014 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival we’ve learned that one of the favorite displays, the Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog, will not be at the Festival this year…

Did someone say Cranberry Bog???

Did someone say Cranberry Bog???

Last week I (along with several other bloggers) got an email from our Ocean Spray rep saying (in part) that “…after much discussion, Ocean Spray has decided to put the Cranberry Bog exhibit on hold for this year’s festival.

This will be bad news to many as since it’s debut in 2011, the bog was very popular with festival guests, and on the opening weekend of the event the past couple of years Ocean Spray has hosted an event that actually allowed media guests (clad in incredibly attractive waders) to tromp around in the cranberry bog itself while sampling cranberry-inspired snacks and cocktails.

Inside the Bog having our photo taken by a real-live cranberry farmer (photo courtesy Papa Harry)

Miss Bonnie and Yours Truly inside the Bog having our photo taken by a real-live cranberry farmer (photo courtesy Papa Harry)

I had heard (but not verified) thru the Interwebs that the contract between Ocean Spray and Disney had expired, and from the phrasing in the email it sounds like the Craisins® folks are the ones that pulled the plug (though not knowing what any negotiations between the parties may have taken place, it’s really hard to say who might really be to “blame” for the contract not being extended or a new one put in place…).

What makes this even more interesting is that Disney (thru the official Disney Parks Blog) noted earlier this year in a post by Pam Brandon that “the remarkable Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog” would be part of the 2014 Food & Wine Festival… curiouser and curiouser…

"Give me all your Crasins and no one will get hurt..."

“Give me all your Crasins and no one will get hurt…”

The email from Ocean Spray went on to say: “We hope you stay tuned for future events and enjoy the Craisins® Dried Cranberries that will continue to be featured in dishes and kiosks throughout the park.”

The booklet from the festival preview dinner in July listed “Ocean Spray® Craisins® Brand Dried Cranberries” as a Corporate Sponsor of the event, but there was no specific mention of the cranberry bog (that I could find at least).

I guess we’ll have to see how much Craisins® continue to be promoted throughout the parks in the coming months… hopefully we’ll see a return of the bog in years to come!

Flying Cranberries!

Cranberries will not be flying in the bog this year…

And we’ll see in just a few weeks what, if anything, fills the physical gap left by the bog in Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival.

Cheers to you Cranberry Bog... we hope to see you back soon!  (Photo courtesy Papa Harry)

Cheers to you Cranberry Bog… we hope to see you back soon!
(Photo courtesy Papa Harry)

And while we’re on the subject of cool things that will be missing from Disney this fall…


it was also announced this past week that due to the ongoing construction in Downtown Disney in preparation for the conversion into Disney Springs, the uber-popular Festival of the Masters event was cancelled for this year.

Nearly four decades old, this art festival (and in recent years a mini-food-and-wine-festival in itself) drew huge crowds to Downtown Disney each year. You can see some pics from one year in one of my “WDW Odds & Ends” posts that highlighted the Festival of the Masters.

With the nightmare that parking has become there since the construction began (and it wasn’t great before…) this, sadly, kinda makes sense for this year… it just worries me a bit that the Disneyland version of the Food & Wine Festival was nixed a few years back (specifically it was cancelled for 2011 and 2012) due to the mass construction in the California Adventure park where it primarily took place, and it has yet to return (or even be mentioned as returning by Disney to the best of my knowledge)… as popular as the Festival of the Masters has been I really do expect (and hope) it returns next year (or at worst the year after), but…

Okay, bad news is over… good news is that the Epcot Food & Wine Festival opens in just about than a month! We’ll see you there!


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