Five Years…

September 7, 2014

No, I’m not referring to the opening song on my favorite album…


but how long ago the first tentative post showed up on Eating (and Drinking) Around the World…

I had decided to stick my virtual toe into the water of the already overcrowded blogosphere, and on this day five years ago I announced it to the World, or at least the tiny numbers of people contained in the world who stumbled across it. And actually when I began I didn’t really think I’d still be at it five years later…

Certainly the blog has changed a bit over the years from my original idea, and will no doubt continue to do so, and you may even see it spin off into something (or somethings?) Completely Different… time (and my time) will tell…

I’ll admit I don’t have the largest number page views out there, but I do have some Dedicated Readers that have been with me from pretty much Day One… and I want to thank those people, and also the ones that just pop in from time to time, and even those that have just happened on a random post via a search engine or link… that even a relatively small number of people out there in the Real World read this humbles me, and as long as you do, I’ll do my best to keep going on…

Thanks also to those other bloggers, podcasters, etc. that have given your time, advice and encouragement to me (you know how you are), and as well to my friends and family who have done the same… of course it should go without saying (but I will anyway), thanks for all the love and encouragement (and blog material) from my dear wife, “Miss” Bonnie.

I’m going to repost a couple of the first “real” blog posts the next week or so (which not shockingly, are about LaCava del Tequila…) on their five-year anniversaries, I hope you’ll enjoy taking a (tequila-laced) trip down memory lane with me.

Happy Blogiversary to me!


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