The Tease – Part Two

September 11, 2014

Again looking back five years from today… more La Cava…

Eating (and Drinking) around the World

Or should that be Part Dos???

I’m fortunate to live close enough to the World that I can go for a day trip – or even an afternoon trip if I so desire – I can leave my house (or work) and usually be inside a park in under an hour and a half.

I have been known to go over for a Friday afternoon, especially if I’ve had a less than wonderful week at the Real Job (I’m done there at about 11 AM on Fridays) and need a little de-stressor. My routine is to go to Epcot, head up to World Showcase, and take a right… just a few yards along you come to the Promenade Refreshments stand which, joy of joys, has Stella on draft! I start my “lunch” with one of those lovely libations, wander a bit, maybe do a Kim Possible Adventure or two (the…

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