Let’s Drink! National Rum Day!

August 14, 2015

We know there seems to be a day for pretty much anything this days, but a day devoted to that favorite libation of Jack Sparrow seems a natural one to celebrate!

So yes, Dear Dedicated Readers, it’s time to celebrate National Rum Day!

Mmmm... rum...

Mmmm… rum…

August 16, 2015 is the official National Rum Day, but the Harem & I started celebrating (and recipe testing) several days ago…

To backtrack a bit, I was contacted a while back by Caliche Rum with several recipes and an offer to try out their brand, so who am I to turn down an offer like that??? We tried a few recipes that sounded appealing, and here are our favorites:


Cali Strawberry Daiquiri

Cali Strawberry Daiquiri


Cali Strawberry Daiquiri

2 oz Caliche Rum

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

¾ oz Agave Nectar

1 Fresh Strawberry

Garnish: Strawberry

In a shaker, combine all ingredients, then lightly muddle the strawberry. Shake vigorously until well chilled.  Strain into an ice filled rocks glass and garnish with strawberry.

I really liked this – compared to most versions (very thick and/or frozen), this was a lighter tasting drink and great for a hot summer day!


Cali Gold

Cali Gold

Cali Gold
2 oz Caliche Rum
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/4 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice
¾ oz Simple Syrup
3 – 6 Cilantro Leaves
Garnish: Cilantro Leaf

In a rocks glass, combine all ingredients and lightly muddle Cilantro leaves. Top with crushed ice or preferably nugget ice. Garnish with a cilantro spring.

This turned out really nice! A simple, fruity concoction with the herbaceousness of cilantro… I’ll make this one again for sure!


Cali Intense

Cali Intense

Cali Intense

2 oz Barrows Intense Ginger Liqueur

1 oz Caliche Rum

Add club soda (or seltzer water for fewer calories) and fill over ice. Optional: Garnish with Lime.

Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t use the Barrows Liqueur… had Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur on hand, so I used that… and this turned out to be the most popular drink among the Harem!

All these recipes were winners, and I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest you try one (or all!) of them on National Rum Day (or any day, for that matter)!

Now I’ll admit I may not be the biggest expert on rum, but I did sample the Caliche on the rocks as well as in the old standby of rum and (diet of course) coke, and thought it was pretty dang tasty! Next time you find yourself in need of a bottle of rum (and with the holiday upon us, you just might!), it’s worth giving this brand a try… they have a nice web site (with even more recipes) if you want to give it a look…

Thanks to Caliche Rum (and in effort of Full Disclosure, I was given the samples free of charge, but all opinions/comments are strictly mine and objective) for providing the sample and recipes…

Okay kids, back to the bar! See you soon!


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