Taste of Africa Two???

June 2, 2012

And maybe a taste of Asia as well?

One of my absolute favorite events that has been held in WDW in recent years was the “Taste of Africa Street Party” that occurred in the summer of 2010.

Different food (and drink!) options were offered during the event, along with a Wine Walk, food demos, music and more.

Samosa Making Demo at the Taste of Africa Street Party

The Harem & I attended the event a couple of the weekends it was offered that year, and hoped it would become an annual event.

Wine Walk at Taste of Africa Street Party

Nothing similar occurred in 2011, even though a management castmember at AK had hinted to me that something might be up for that December.

But in the past few days news has been (kinda quietly) coming out about a “Sundowner Celebration” starting this Sunday and running through the end of June at Animal Kingdom that sounds very much like the fondly remembered Taste of Africa Street Party!

Several sites have been reporting that in Harambe there will be a Wine Walk, specialty food and beverage offerings, musical acts and more, sounding very much like the festival from 2010.

In addition Anandapur in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom will have tea-brewing and cooking demos, offerings of Asian foods and beverages, a henna artist and a DJ hosting a street party there as well.

There will also be additional musical acts and other special activities at Discovery Island and elsewhere around the park.

Events are scheduled to begin after the afternoon parade and run until the park closes (which looks to be 7 or 8 PM on most nights in June). The first street party only ran on weekends, but the reports so far look like this version may be occurring every night.

You can see a few more details listed at the posts on WDWMagic.com and TheMouseForLess.com, and you can see my review of the original Taste of Africa Street Party here.

We’ll be there sometime to check it out, but if you get the opportunity to stop by, please post a message and let everyone know your thoughts!

4 Responses to “Taste of Africa Two???”

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  3. Billy Wenk Says:

    Asian foods are great and they are always full of spices, i love to eat asian foods mainly because of its unique taste. `’;“ –Regards


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